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One of the largest mineral springs in the world! And with an indisputable quality. Excellent pH 7.32 and with a very low sodium content!

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Bella Minas Water

In the mid-60s, when he implemented a power distribution project in the Rural District of the Sarzedo District, then the Municipality of Ibirité, the topographer Edmundo de Melo Franco noticed the occurrence of an exceptional water source that attracted his attention volume and palate.

On April 10, 1968, he acquired the area where the spring was located, which made mention of a “mineral water mine." For 27 years, from April 1968 to January 1995, when he died at age 80, Sô Edmund, as he was called, performed a unique work in the preservation of the fountain.

It acquired a 2 million square meter area around the fountain, preserved the forests, built more than 15km of roads, four dams, built improvements and pools of mineral water, preservation of the source for future generations.

In 1975 the process of obtaining the Lavra was started with the National Department of Mineral Production, with the presentation of the research report. In June 1984, the mining project was presented, which envisaged the bottling of water for commercialization and the use of the area for tourism, with the creation of a Hydromineral Resort.

Since 2010 working with the brand Bella Minas we are pleased to share with our customers the pleasure of drinking one of the most delicious mineral waters in Brazil, with an excellent chemical composition, in which stands out the excellent PH of 7.32 and very low sodium content. Our water flows from one of the largest water sources in the world in a totally preserved place within the Atlantic Forest. Come visit us and get to know one of the most beautiful Hidromineral Stays of Minas Gerais.

Bella Minas Water Composition

Quality water is balanced with the right amount of the key minerals. Agua Bella Minas is not only the largest source of mineral water in the world, but also has one of the best compositions.

Bicarbonate 105,06 mg/L

Excellent in oral hygiene, helps to brighten teeth and combat tooth decay and canker sores. Bicarbonate is also very effective as an antacid, helping relieve stomach pain by neutralizing excess hydrochloric acid.

Magnesium 11,106 mg/L

Magnesium provides a soothing effect on the Nervous System, promoting good sleep, fighting fatigue, stress, irritability, anxiety and hypersensitivity.

Calcium 19,625 mg/L

Its main function in the body is to build and maintain the bones and teeth. In pregnant women reduces the risk of hypertension and in the elderly reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

Potassium 1,000 mg/L

Potassium is a mineral capable of improving the elasticity of blood vessels, allowing pressure control, reducing the problems related to infarction and stroke, helping in the adequacy of heart rate.

Sulfate 5,59 mg/L

Ingestion of magnesium sulfate helps in the treatment of asthma attacks, associating in the improvement of lung function.

Sodium 0,660 mg/L

Sodium chloride and ions are the two main components of salt, necessary for the survival of all living things, including humans. Salt is involved in regulating the amount of water in the body. Excessive salt buildup causes risks of health problems such as high blood pressure. The mineral water Bella Minas has one of the lowest levels of sodium in its composition, of the water now commercialized in MG. pH at 25 ° = 7.32

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Orla Rio e Bella Minas 510ml

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Bella Minas 330ml

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Orla Rio 330ml

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Bella Minas has a first-rate infrastructure. Performs purity tests daily and follows all guidelines of Sanitary Surveillance and other competent authorities. All to ensure the best and purest water for its customers.

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